Labor Day (out on DVD) - WATCH IT!


So I wasn't sure this movie would contain enough to be interesting. From the trailer it was sort of hard to tell. With that said.... it was great. It was a bit slow in parts and there were moments where I thought the movie would end in disappointment for me but I was very happily surprised.

While it is not a movie I would own or watch countless times it is certainly worth the watch!

Be warned it IS sad. There is baby loss in the movie (which was hard for me to watch, as I have lost pregnancies) BUT it is handled well. BUT if you don't want to be faced with that then please spare yourself the grief.

Otherwise this is a great movie with love, hope, loss, smiles, and even a few moments of laughter.

Check it out sometime on a rainy day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Mom't Night Out - WATCH IT!

Youtube trailer:

 So of course I see this movie's trailer and it speaks to me. I am a mother. I feel crazy OFTEN and I would love some time to myself now and then. A mom's night out so to speak. And I get those night's, they help my sanity ;)

SO with that said I don't want to ruin the movie but it was fantastic. As a mom or as a parent in general I implore you to watch this movie at some point, even if you wait until it comes out on DVD. Just watch it. If we all can't laugh at the obscurities of parenthood then we are doomed ;)

So without giving away the movie I just want to say it was hilarious, well thought out, and touching. In a world filled with movies that have mass amounts of swear words, and sex scenes, etc. THIS movie is entertaining without containing any of those situations that seem to be (sadly) far more "normal" in movies nowadays.

So WATCH IT! I highly doubt you will be disappointed!

Burlesque - Watch it! - Chick Flick -

Alright so this was not the smut fest that I expected given the subject matter. So that in general made me happily surprised. I was also not too keen on Cher but I admit she was pretty good in it.

I'm not a huge Christina fan but the girl can sing (even if her singing contains a bit to many runs for me sometimes LOL).

This was a boy meets girl type of movie but ya know she wears skimpy, sexy clothes so that she can sing LOL ya know TOTALLY the type of thing that happens to every girl ;)

Either way I thought it was quite tasteful and I liked the music. I say.. nicely done :) It's no Moulin Rouge but it is certainly worth a watch :)


How do you know - Don't Bother

How would you know this wouldn't be good? There is no way to know because I can admit it this movie DOES have a good cast! The problem is I have NO idea why they choose to be in this movie!

First off I thought Reese Witherspoon had gained some more momentum and was going to take on some more interesting roles - for example Water for Elephants, Walk the Line, etc. I mean I admit it I enjoyed Legally Blonde and what now but two of those was enough of that character we need not bring a similar blonde bimbo back!

Could it still have been good? Possibly but.... it wasn't! While I enjoy Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, and Jack Nicholson I was not impressed with any of them. This script has left a LOT to be desired! So with all the great movies out there don't waste your time!

No Strings Attached - Watch it!

Ok so I know I'm not the only one who has thought this.... but WOW I mean talk about same story line for tons of movies! Geesh. Friends with Benefits is coming out on Friday, Love & Other Drugs was not that long ago (though there was a BIT more to that story), and that's just recently....

Is that typical? Sometimes - I mean remember:
The Illusionist and Prestige
The Thin Red Line and Saving Private Ryan
Armageddon and Deep Impact
Volcano and Dante's Peak
Antz and A Bug's Life
The Truman Show and EdTV
Mission to Mars and Red Planet
the list goes on I'm sure

Sooo with that all set aside I cannot judge Friends With Benefits (stay tuned I plan to see it next week) but check my posts for Love and Other Drugs. I DID like No Strings Attached.

It was a much better plot than I expected and was quirky and funny also. Certainly worth a watch. Will it leave you shocked with the way it ends - nah probably not - but hey sometimes a little predictability in a movie can be a welcome change. I wish I had some predictability in my life LOL ;)

OH and guys... you'll like it to - this is not something I would label as purely a chick flick!

Check it out and enjoy...

Sanctum - Watch it!

Well I saw this in theaters LOL so I am a bit (okay WAY) behind but this is well worth a watch! If you are anything like me you will be squirming at the thought of getting literally STUCK in a cave in a downpour! Talk about claustrophobia! WOW! Not only are they stuck in the cave but it is filling up with water!!

It is one action packed movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat! It was great in 3d but if you didn't catch it in theaters you will have to deal with it without the 3d ;)


Larry Crowne - Watch it!

Ok so all the reviews I have read of this movie say it's "slow to start" and that the relationship between Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts takes too long to get interesting... blah blah blah. Forget them! This movie was lovely!

It made me remember how great both Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are and made me wonder how they have not been in a movie together until this one! They were great together! Great chemistry & one HILARIOUS kissing scene! It also made me really wish I drove a scooter! Holy awesome miles per gallon batman!

All in all it is interesting and fun the whole way through. A perfect picture of how the economy is kicking people's butts and how not having an education can really screw you. A nice, interesting, funny story of one man overcoming his misfortunes!

Highly recommended for men and women alike! :)

Check it out and .... ENJOY!