The Rabbit Hole - Watch It !!!

Some Spoilers....

I was saddened that this movie was a VERY limited release. But I was able to find a way to watch it. This is a huge movie for BLMs (baby loss mommas) to have their family and friends watch. It is a raw and realistic view of what this couple goes through after their son dies at the age of four because of a car accident.

I thought that there were some really poignant moments in the movie such as when a woman in their support group says that God took her child because he needed another angel and Nicole Kidman's character burst out and said Why didn't He just make one - He's God he could have just MADE another angel! I think many people feel that way who have lost a child when God is brought up in conversation. We all have our different beliefs but I thought that was a very realistic aspect of the movie. There is also many times when her mother compares losing her son to the 4 year old boy dying and Kidman's character gets very angry and tells her not to group her boy in with her heroine addicted brother who overdosed because it's not the same thing - it just isn't. I thought that was a good point too to put in the movie.

The movie shows the way that losing their boy was taking a toll on their relationship and how it was hard for them to work through it and how they each handled it differently. I thought it was interesting in the movie that the husband seemed to be more open to going to their support group then the wife at one point. He was also very open about his grief and I liked that way that they made that clear. They could have shown him as all clammed up about it and not talking about it but since it was portraying them often at home together the audience got to see how HE was handling grief too.

Kidman's character also meets and talks with the young by that accidentally killed her son. That brought about some very interesting conversations and emotional moments in the movie. I found it interesting that she seemed to want to know about his life and what not. I found myself wondering if I would be that way if I had experienced the loss of a child on Earth... I hope I'll never know. Given my losses were miscarriages I couldn't relate to having someone that caused my children to die but it was interesting that the boy that caused the sons death was a decent part of the film.

Eckart who played the husband also did a wonderful job. They both did a fantastic job at displaying their grief and I thought that them having to deal with knowing someone who was pregnant was also very fitting. We all have to deal with pregnancy every day. If you have family or friends you are bound to deal with it and I think that aspect being added into the script was also extremely important to the movie.

As the mother says in the movie (not an exact quote here) you NEVER get over the death of your child but it becomes more bearable in time, you learn to carry the weight along with you like a brick in your pocket...sometimes you can even forget about it for a moment but it always comes back.

All in all I think ANYONE and EVERYONE should check out this movie when it comes out on DVD. It is a realistic view of the grief that anyone goes through that has lost a child. I think this is a movie that BLMs should ask their friends and family members to view when it comes out. This is a film that really portrays what we all go through.

Watch this and LEARN what NOT to do and say when you know someone has lost a child.... there are not many educational things out there to teach people how to deal with those that have been through such loss so take this and hold on to it really delve into the grief and understand what those of us who have lost our child or children go through every single day.....


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